40+ Dropshipping Product Research Tools 2020

Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Looking for winning products?

Ok. In this content you will find a very useful list of some best dropshipping tools for product research. This one is may be the large list including most of the popular tools.

Yes, even a single product can make you a millionaire. Product research is the first and most important part of dropshipping business. You may have to follow the trend, know about search engine demand, lot at problem solving product which is eye-catchy, try to pick something unique etc.

What you will find in this content?

This below tools will make your task easier and you can find best products of your niche easily. It will save your time and make you confident to spend more on advertising.

Click on the links below to take a look first.

Dropshipping Product Research Tools

SellTheTrend $32.97/month 7 Days
eComHunt $29/month No
Dropship Spy $20/month No
Niche Scraper $39/month No
Pexda $24.95/month No
Thieve.co $29/month No
eComLad $19.99/month 3 Days ($2.99)
SaleSource $29/month 7 Days
AliShark $20/month 2 Days ($1)
ShopInspect $19/month Limited time
Spocket.co $19/month 14 Days
Zik Analytics $25/month No
Amzscout $14.99 / month Limited time
Amazeowl $12.99/month 10 Days
HotProducts.io $27/month 7
EH Product Finder $47 / month 3 Days
E-sniper $24.99 / month 3 Days ($1)
Wish Ispector $67 (One time) No
Intelligynce $99 (One time) No
Trending Products $297/month No
CommerceInspector $29/month No
Ecomkey.io $12.99/month No
Product Mafia $49/month 1 Month ($1)
Chili-Hunter $19.99/month No
Megasale boot $13.99/month 7 Days ($1)
Aiveera $14.99/month 7 Days
PowerDrop.io $14.99/month 7 Days
Dropship.ceo $29/month 7 Days
Dropship Scan $19/month 14 Days
ProductWhale $16/month 3 Days
ShelfTrend $14.99/month No
Newproduct Spy $49.95/month 3 Days
Aliextractor $29/month No
$5/month No
FindNiche Free $90/month 30 Days
AliExpress Dropship Center Free
Aliexpress Best Seller Free
Amazon Best Sellers Free
eBay Explore Free
Google Trends Free
Google Keyword Planner Free
Facebook (Video Research) Free

I think you have already visit most of these website and get some idea. Top listed tools are most useful according to our experience.

Free Vs Paid Tools

Most of the webmaster are familiar with free tools and these are the basic for every marketer. Every dropshipper must have to investigate this tool regularly. Keyword planner and Google trends are highly valuable. Even these tools have almost no more alternative. Facebook Video Research is not actually a tool, this is just another great technique of a dropshipper to find others video those actually making hype on social media. And yes, you have to look at all eCommerce platform’s best selling products.

You can’t become success without investigate in these highly efficient free tools.

But paid tools are specially for dropshipper. This tools is highly connected with Aliexpress, Shopify, Amazon, eBay and Facebook. Every single product they are offering you that have lot of opportunity and already someone like you is successfully selling that particular product. Sites specially like SellTheTrend, eComhunt, pexda is really interesting. Every winning product they are offering make me positive.

In the very beginning of your dropshipping journey, you can try their free plan and gather knowledge. When you will seriously start, at least buy membership plan in 1 or 2 website.

It’s value for money, save lot of time and you will understand that how successful dropshippers working around.

Answer: You need both

30+ premium product research tool was listed above but those are actually best?

No worry!

Among that websites, we have already find the most useful softwares those really perform best. Now we start our discussion one by one.

  1. SellTheTrend


  • Find $1,000+/Day Winning Products In 10 Seconds Flat!
  • Thousands of new products added daily
  • Powerful 9-in-1 dropshipping tool
  • 1 click add to store
  • 1 click order fullfillment
  • Facebook audience builder
  • Instagram and Twitter engagement calculator
  • Video ads creator
  • Amazon trend explorer
  • Retail trend explorer
  • Facebook Ad explorer
  • Shopify Store explorer
  • Dropship product explorer
  • The Nexus research machine
  • Includes a full dropshipping course
  • Predict winning product using dropshipping AI technology

Bill monthly: $39.97/month

Bill yearly: $32.97/month

SellTheTrend is the fastest growing and most useful product research tool in the internet. Event the pricing is affordable. Currently, this web application getting more priority to the dropshippers. According to our observation, eComhunt is the only competitor of it and both work almost similarly. But personally SellTheTrend I like most and that’s why put it on the top of this table. “Sell The Trend” is user friendly, multi-functional and exciting as well. All necessary data you need for product research will find here. Highly engaging, most selling and winning product you get ready made here. This one is a very dynamic research tools indeed. But this site have no more free plan what they may offer. However, you can try their “7 Days trial”.


  • Multi-functional 9-in-1 product research tools
  • Lot of trending product
  • Regular update
  • More modern


  • No free membership


2. eComHunt


  • eComhunt is a curation of the best new products, every day.
  • Find profit margin calculation
  • Get Aliexpress product sell analytics
  • Total facebook engagement statistics
  • Ready made winning product
  • 1 click import to oberlo
  • Get on 1 on 1 chat with Shopify Expert
  • eComhunt winner club (Only for 5K sales user)
  • Winning products ad targeting

Bill monthly: 29/month (Current discount price – $20/month)

Bill annually: 29/month (Current discount price – $17/month)

eComhunt is basically the market leader of this segment and still they have highest amount audiences comparing other tools. Though lot of competitor came into the market with different features and facility but eComhunt get huge marketing support from Shopify & Oberlo those are just another market leader of dropshipping industry. Free plan of this tools is highly encouraging and you can get lot of winning product idea for free. Specially, their 1 on 1 chat with expert facility may give you additional support as well. Pricing of the membership plan is slightly low as well.


  • Free plan available
  • Facebook ads targeting made easy
  • Easy to find relevant influencer on instagram
  • Most popular platform by audience


  • Limited number of trending product
  • Lack of multiple function comparing other tools


3. Niche Scraper


  • Reveal winning products with powerful niche research bot
  • Scrape a store’s best selling products
  • Other stores estimated revenue analytics
  • Hand picked winning product
  • Unlimited access on video making tools
  • Discover trending products on AliExpress

Bill monthly: $39/month

Niche scraper getting so positive review in social media now a days. Though this tools isn’t much more popular yet but they are very straight forward about their features. Specially¬† the thing I like most, they are providing hand pick manual action which is really a positive side. Definitely a hand pick product have more opportunity than boot suggestion. Their video maker tool is very easy and helpful as well.


  • Easy video making tools
  • Unlimited hand pick winning product
  • Successful stores estimate revenue analysis
  • Straight forward and user friendly service
  • Offering free plan


  • Video maker has limitation
  • No 1 click import option

TRY FREE PLAN (NicheScraper)

4. DropShip Spy


  • More products added daily
  • Approved influencers
  • Shopify integration
  • Store spy
  • Product spy
  • Lifetime updates
  • Tech support

Bill monthly: $20/month

Dropship Spy is just another well known product research tool. This website also provide large amount of data to including winning product, ready to use video ads, facebook audience builder, access training resources and so. But the front end of this website isn’t much more attract to the audience.

You can take a look their review at Trust Pilot (3/5). Recently they have got some negative review from their customers.


  • Price is little bit lower.
  • Easily integrate with Shopify
  • Ready to use video ads
  • Advanced influencer search


  • No more free access
  • Not much more modern
  • No more example statistics for anonymous user

SIGN UP (Dropship Spy)

5. Pexda


  • The Best New Winning Products, Every day
  • Proven Facebook Ad Copy for your Inspiration
  • Discover Hot Products Before They Go Viral
  • Targeted Audiences that Convert

Bill monthly: $14.95/month (Standard), $24.95/month (Premium), $99.95/month (Ultimate)

Pexda is just another user friendly and renowned tools which I really like most. This one is very similar of eComhunt. Pexda give you a very positive sense to you to start with them. Though they have no free plan but you can access couple of winning product for free.


  • Unlimited winning product per day
  • Facebook ads report
  • Store selling report
  • Amazon Report
  • eBay Report
  • Auto Hunt tool
  • Audience targeting suggestion


  • No free trial
  • Ultimate plan is little bit costly


6. Zik Analytics


  • Get the sales data you need to succeed on eBay
  • Find profitable products for your eBay store
  • Millions of hot products quickly
  • Learn from sellers that dominate the market
  • Discover the best-selling item categories
  • Rank your products higher then your competitors
  • Wholesale Supplier Database
  • Aliexpress market research

Bill monthly: $29/month (Starter), $59/month (Standard), $89/month (Enterprise)

Bill yearly: $25/month (Starter), $40/month (Standard), $50/month (Enterprise)

Zik analytics is specially made for eBay droppshippers. Above tools are specially made for own eCommerce where as this tool is target only eBay sellers. This tools also offer different type of data which may help every dropshipper and that’s why you should take a look on it. This one is a very authentic tools and having 4.5 star rating on Trustpilot.


  • Easily find eBay and Aliexpress hot selling products
  • Easy to find best product for specific niche
  • Wholesaler data
  • Most authentic tools in the market


  • Specially target only eBay sellers
  • No free plan

7. Amzscout



  • Innovative Amazon Product Research Tool
  • Find Winning Products to Sell on Amazon
  • Validate Your Product Ideas
  • Get Extensive Data on Every Amazon Product
  • Brainstorm new niche and product ideas
  • Find profitable product based on historical data
  • Discover best keyword for amazon PPC ads

Bill monthly: $29.99/month (Basic), $39.99/month (Start), $59.99/month (Business)

Bill yearly: $14.99/month (Basic), $19.99/month (Start), $29.99/month (Business)

Amzscout is specially made for amazon sellers. This one is the market leader of this particular niche as well. This tools is worldwide huge popular because of providing useful data. You can find successful product using 44 advanced filters. It will help you to explore targeted keyword to manage PPC ad campaign.


  • FBA fees calculator
  • Amazon to eBay compare
  • Compare products side-by-side on Amazon
  • Discover best keyword for PPC advertisement
  • Chrome Store Rating 4.5 star (250,000 users)
  • Offering free trial


  • No free plan
  • Only made for Amazon sellers


8. Thieve.co


  • Unlock thousands of fresh,verified dropship products
  • Insights From Millions of Real User Interactions
  • Unlock High Converting Products Curated Exclusively For Dropshippers
  • See What Products Are Popular & Converting Right Now
  • Advanced Dropship Filtering
  • Custom Premium Content
  • Access Thousands of Pro Pre Release Products
  • Easy Image Edit Tool
  • New Features Released Regularly
  • Unlimited Reverse Image Searches
  • Compitable with shopify, woocommernce and many more

Bill monthly: $29/month (Dropship), $99/month (Pro)

Bill yearly: $23.17/month (Dropship), $79.17/month (Pro)

Thieve.co looks very professional, user friendly and offering multiple features. Good thing is, they have a free plan where you can access their couple of data. Besides getting winning product, you can access thousands of pro release products.


  • 5-10 New Products Per Day
  • Product Popularity & Conversion Stats
  • Logo Removal Image Tool
  • Advanced Filtering and Sort Options
  • Curated AliExpress Products
  • Thousands of Pro Pre Release Products


  • Lack of product statistics
  • Product date isn’t available


9. Google Trends

Google trends is the most popular and useful keyword trending tools where you can check your product estimated search in Google. Dropshipper should know his product demand on search engine. During corona issues, as we see surgical mask, hand sanitizer, PPE and this kind of product demand increased a lot. Where as the worldwide eCommerce sell become down but corona related safety equipment and home appliance sale become boosted.


  • World largest site to check keyword trends
  • Free for everyone
  • Search by country, category and keyword
  • Latest stories and insights
  • Find related queries


  • No estimate search number


10. Facebook

We have added facebook in this list as you don’t skip this strategy at all. Facebook is the most popular advertisement platform for dropshipper and that’s why you should keep eyes on viral videos. For example, we have searched “dog free shipping” where we can get idea that what type of dog products selling by dropshippers on online. Most viewing videos are definitely make sense that someone like you is investing money on this and doing well business. So, that is how you can try different keyword and niche to find some product of your niche. Even, this is one of the best technique of every dropshipper to find winning product.


  • Most of the dropshipper advertise on Facebook
  • Easy to find popular videos
  • We can see the amount to views and engagement
  • Understand others marketing strategy
  • Large data worldwide


  • Difficult to find
  • Invest more time


What I recommend personally?

Most of the blogger recommend SellTheTrend now a days because of lot of feature and up to date service. I will suggest to become expert on free tools and try all other website to get idea. But finally you should go for a membership plan. I like SellTheTrend and eComhunt most.

Hopefully, this content help you. don’t forget to share with your friends.

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