Sell The Trend In-depth Review: Pros & Cons

You have reached to the right destination. This content is all about in-depth review of the most popular winning product research tool Sell The Trend. I hope this content will help you to take your decision.

If I’m not wrong, you are looking for a valuable tools for finding extra ordinary product for your store. You are confused about and it’s competitor eComhunt, Niche Scraper, AliShark etc. Or you may think, does this paid tool really work?

Would like to mention again, to find winning product the first and most crucial challenge for a dropshipper. Basically, it’s depend on experience to pick the right product. This kind of paid tools make your job easy and save lot of your time. According to my experience, this kind of tool is necessary for a beginner and successful dropshipper as well. It will keep you up to date, can know about others activity and understand the current trend on this industry.

About this Review

Don’t have enough time in hand? Lets have a look the pros and cons of Sell The Trend.

Sell The Trend Review

1. All in one product research tool 1. Hot stores are not the best list.
2. More than 5 million product 2. Trending stores always not interesting
3. Advanced AI technology and up to date data 3. Lack of some specific niche product
4. Hot and Trending store finder 4. No free membership
5. Exclusive data for Facebook Ads target 5. Other courses/training programs are paid.
6. Viral Facebook video & analytics 6. 7 days free trail is enough but could be 30 days.
7. User friendly Google Chrome Extension  
8. Video making tools for AD  
9. 1 click import to store  
10. Advanced product filter with multiple options  

Our Rating: 4.8/5


Just before go for SellTheTrend, I will suggest to have a look in this in-depth discussion part by part. Here I will show you all features, how it works and how much effective for the research.

  • NEXUS Hot Products

Nexus research machine is basically an A.I technology and work automatically according to it’s algorithm. This is basically not possible for human being to collect huge data from different sources. As much better algorithm, as much better product. Sell The Trend is doing so well in this platform.

Lot of auto suggestion you can find in this section. This data is very up to date, dynamic and useful. The product filter tool is also amazing. Lot of category, niche and criteria you can choose to find the best product for you.

But this products are not always interesting and attract you much more. You can spend more time to pick something target oriented from this list. Only few stores basically selling this product. There is also have some positive side of this research, because here will find something almost new in the market. A dropshipping must need lot of experience to investigate in this date. However, this data is definitely useful for everyone.

  • NEXUS Trending Products

Investigate trending products will give you more excitement. Lot of current most selling product will find in this page. Search filter options are same like “Nexus Hot Product”.

Also product by product data with smart analytics. Total amount of order and sales are basically give you an idea. List of sites currently selling this product, also will be found here.

But the amount of order per day data looks little bit makey. I think the programmer set an automatic algorithm for the purpose of making this graph. Not so reliable as far I understand.

  • NEXUS On The Rise

When I’m writing this content, the world is highly affected by Covid19 virus. During this time of Corona, the demand of mask, hand sanitizer and other cleaning product demand definitely rise. “NEXUS On the Rise” product is also suggesting me the mask. We have also found lot of relevant data in this result.

This is quite interesting and lot of unseen product will be revealed here those have lot of opportunity in the market. If you want to try something different and having capability to take some challenge, I think this kind of products is for you.

But you won’t get sufficient data when check the insights one by one. Take risk and increase the opportunity.

  • NEXUS New Products

New products are more challenging than “On the rise” products. On the rise products are already selling in multiple shops and getting good result where as new products are almost new for you. Sometimes you could take the very first initiative.

Something new, eye-catchy and problem solving product are basically the key of product research. That’s why sometimes, every dropshipper should take some risk on new product. And this new product list is really interesting.

  • NEXUS All Products

Product filtering is very import in this page. Here you will find million dollar selling and new products together. But it is your duty to find the best product for your niche using search filter.

To see the market leader product of this time, you can click on “most orders”. Lot of product with million dollar sale will be available here. Highest sold products are definitely an opportunity but sometimes it won’t work.

Every dropshipper target is to introduce something new. But when this videos become viral, all local shops import that type of product. That’s why the demand become low and people actually know about that items.

  • NEXUS Hot Stores

Frankly speaking, we didn’t find expected result here. Most successful dropshipping stores we didn’t find. This hot stores don’t have sufficient traffic as we analyze using other tools. Most of this sites are not exciting and don’t know much they are selling per day.

However, you can investigate this shops and get idea that how they are actually working.

  • NEXUS Trending Stores

Trending stores data was just same of Hot stores. Don’t know why Sell The Trend is offering this extra navigation. Didn’t find anything new here.

  • AliExpress Explorer

During the crises of corona virus, demand of mask increased a lot. Definitely, this type of product become hot in Aliexpress. This section is just another good section of Sell The Trend. Though you can find this type of data in Aliexpress as well. But due to search filter, it will become easy for you to investigate more data.

This is useful and necessary data to look at.

  • Amazon Explorer

Amazon explorer can help you to find negative product for you. If you are interested on Amazon dropshipping than it can be helpful. Otherwise, this data won’t help you more.

  • Shopify Product Explorer

Shopify product explorer should be interesting but it was not enough. Actually, this data they have store from all shopify site but actually we are looking only dropshipping products. It will be difficult for you to find winning product from this section.

  • Shopify Store Explorer

This is data is comparatively helpful and found some authentic stores to lean from them. By using the filter “Dropshipping Store”, get lot of stores doing dropshipping successfully. But this result can be more better.

  • Facebook AD Explorer

Do you know, most of the successful dropshipper find winning product by Facebook video research? This is one of the best technique to get valuable product. But this is actually difficult to find all viral videos together. Sell The Trend made this job easy here. Huge amount of trending videos will find in this section and this is really helpful.

This one is one of the most valuable tool of Sell the trend.

  • 1 Click Import

Product research and simply import to own store made the job easy. You can import data directly to your store by integrating shopify here. Most interesting thing is, you can import data of a product from different site according to your choice. Even Sell The Trend will provide a statistics of sale.

  • Google Chrome Extension

Sell The Trend call it 9 in 1 dropshipping tool and there is almost nothing they don’t have. All necessary feature for product research, ad targeting, product import etc are available. Though users don’t need this Chrome extension much more but you can try this as well.

  • Audience Builder

Winning product research and target advertising is the key of dropshipping. Besides providing hot products, Sell The Trend is helping their customers to target proper audience. Yes, Facebook targeting is important. This interest, public figure, website and brands make your job easy to fix the campaign. Sometimes, you may think and research a lot to find your targeted audience where as this tool giving a ready made statistics. Very helpful.

  • Video Creator

Sell The Trend is also offering a supportive video making tools. Basically this type of supportive tools made this product better than it’s competitor. You can simply input your product link or import own images, select background music, set text, color style and render your video. But this tool is professional level and enough to create a qualitative ads. However, to adding something for the customer is really a positive side.

  • Engagement Rating Calculator

Engagement Rating calculator is just another optional tool for Sell The Trend where you can count your Instagram and Twitter audience engagement rating. But this tools isn’t much more essential.

  • Discovery Machine

Click on “Spin again” and find 4 special product every time. This really interesting and it will may take long to find a winning product for you. However, this is interesting.

  • AliExpress Videos

Here you will find all product with videos in Aliexpress. You can search in different category and find top products. This one is one of the most valuable data of this tool as I have observed. You can total order, total sales and demographics. But you have to invest more time to pick the best product among list list.

  • Private Facebook Group

As like every other companies, Sell The Trend is also have a facebook group for their customer and dropshipping entrepreneurs. Admin and moderators of this group is highly dedicated as well. To get support, idea and connecting with others, this kind of community play a very vital role.

It was all about part by part discussion about Sell The Trend. Hopefully, now you can take your decision.

Value for money?

I think yes. Because this tool is providing more than sufficient data for product research and ad targeting. It’s little bit high than eComhunt but this tool offering more features. Sometimes you may find coupon code in their website or 3rd party websites as well.


Sell The Trend or this kind of product research tool is definitely important for a beginner and expert dropshipper. It will save your time, keep you up to date and know more about this industry.

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